【 SEAN ALEXANDER 】 Avenue 52

Since today is #Flashbackfriday. I decided to do a flash back shoot that I haven't posted on here. Only a few photos were released from this shoot so I'm only going to tease y'all with two photos of the one and only Sean Alexander of Avenue 52. I had the pleasure of working with him earlier this summer with a few awesome people from Revived. I was contacted by the awesome designer, Song Vue (who I've shot photos for last year) about a shoot of a good friend of hers that was in the music industry. So of course I was totally excited and stoked after I did my research. Also joining us on this shoot were Sendy Hue, Gao Vang, and Song's sisters Chua and Houa. I also got to meet Mimi Alvarez who is such a sweet soul. If all goes well we will all work together in the future again. 

Sean is a songwriter/producer and also a member of Avenue 52. He's written and produced hits for Shinee, Rainbow, TaeTiSeo, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joon, and recently Nu'Est. Before the actual day of the shoot I got to meet and talk to Sean. I found him very humble and we had a similar taste in music which was awesome. It was such a pleasure meeting him and photographing him. I will post more photos when they are released.

Below is the full list of Credits and also his Tumblr page. 

Sean's Official Website/Tumblr

Bebe O’s

Vam Moua (Muaj Tiag Clothing™)

Concept and Stylist: Song Vue (dearSong)

Makeup Artist: Houa Vang

Hair Stylist: Sendy Heu (Sendy’s House of Hair and Makeup)

Wardrobe Assistant: Gao Vang

Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree (Jem Chaimontree Photography)



Back in June I was feeling a bit distant from creativity and my own work as a photographer. I was doing random booked portrait shoots and hadn't had time to work on anything for myself. I ended up asking my friend Jacque Jarvis to model for me because we haven't worked together in about two years? That's crazy because we've seen each other at events and what not a few times so I thought it would be perfect to catch up and work with her again. Before any of this happened I told the makeup artist, Mely Medina that I wanted to do something fun and different with styling and concept. She agreed to help and so did our awesome hair stylist, Jae Morgendorffer. Jacque suggested a contrasting shoot because she's know for dark makeup and evil looks, so naturally a lighter look was ideal. I think remember a shoot Ayumi Hamasaki did for her single Mirrorcle World and we used those shots as inspiration. The dark look was purely Jacques Idea. Below are the two looks which I posted on Facebook for fans to pick which was their favorites. 


【 THE FAE MENAGERIE 】 Backstage at TMI

I was asked to shoot backstage at The Makeup Imaginarium's seminar back in June of this year. I didn't know what I was going to be part of because the girls kept it very secret till the last few days when they released a few teasers of the sets which the students created! I know right? That's so amazing. The concept for this seminar was The Fae Menagerie and it was like a live fantasy zoo of creatures that old and new students created based off of characters from myths, fairy tales, and much more. Below are pictures of each creature and people who helped bring each of them to life. 

If you're interested in enrolling into a makeup school in Fresno, then please check out The Makeup Imaginarium


【 ILLOGIC 】 Lookbook Pt. 2

Part two of Illogic's lookbook that I photographed last year in December was shot at both Yoshi!Now and Tower District in Fresno. We went for a nightlife look with a bit of a fun edge. Something you'd see posted on Tumblr's and an Urban Outfitters catalog. These looks were fun and very different because we see more black pieces and evening makeup done by Rainbow Chatman. It was such an awesome time walking around tower and shooting the girls at all those awesome spots. I enjoyed working in a different style and I really love the results.

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【 ILLOGIC 】 Lookbook Pt. 1

Since I was on a half a year Hiatus from my blog I should of started from where I left off which was the Illogic shoot. I finally got to meet Amber and Brian :) I had such a blast that day with the three wonderful models; Jalanis, Blia, and Miss Mox. We met up at The Makeup Imaginarium that day and we had Rainbow Chatman and Sandra Tovar do makeup that day. I personally love pastels, spikes, and studs ... so being able to photograph a lookbook was just perfect for me. 

This first part of the lookbook was shot at Yoshi!Now in Downtown, Fresno. We had a chance to play with all the awesome spots there. If you live in Fresno, I suggest you stop by there sometime and thrift away :) We had painting on the walls and very cool places for each model to pose at before the sun went down.

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【 PHOTO-MANIPULATION 】 Clarence Hutchinson

My original concepts for Clarence was to do action shots. I was inspired by 300, Spartacus, and other cinematic battle scene movies. I love the way they look and I wanted to play around with different effects and styles. If you don't know me, you wouldn't know that I started photoshopping all sorts of crazy stuff before I was even a photographer. I wanted to go back to that and create something special since I haven't done any manipulations in forever.

【 Let out the Beast 】

This piece was my idea to play around with action shots where he'd be battling himself. Sort of like an inner struggle to be tougher. I chose warm tones because I was feeling like the hot sun was beating against him like he was somewhere far behind some mountains.

This is my favorite piece which I had the idea of disintegration and ice. I Played around with textures and different blending modes for awesome results. This is in a cooler tone because I wanted both photos to be opposite from each other.


I first got in contact with Clarence through his Model Mayhem page and we finally got to shoot after months. I finally came up with a concept and we picked a date to shoot. I really liked Clarence look because he was mixed and he had a great physique. I originally had the idea of doing action shots but this set below is what we shot before the sun went down. We played around with different looks and got some really cool shots. I love how you can go into a shoot thinking it's going to be one look and then out of nowhere you get tons of different shots and lots of learning experience and these below are it.

Model : Clarence Hutchinson
Camera : Sony Nex-5
Styling / Photography : Me
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