Hello Everyone!

WOW, it's been almost a year since I last posted. I'm sorry I've been procrastinating on everything. So many things have happened since that last post. I've moved to a new home with my family and have been taking it slow with my photography. I also started to play with makeup and express myself in a different way. I actually got into cross dressing and am working on an alter ego of mine. Hehe. So that's pretty much the biggest thing that happened since then.

( w/ makeup artist Rainbow Chatman during a photoshoot )

Tomorrow I'll be traveling to Los Angels to attend the Anime Expo for all four days starting Thursday! Can't wait for all the Sailor Moon themed panels and events. I'm going to cosplay as Queen Beryl and Asami Sato :0 I'm stoked to present my terrible craftsmanship for those costumes ahahah just kidding. I worked pretty hard on both costumes and did my twist to them as well. I just hope I have fun because right now I'm super nervous and my anxiety isn't helping.

Anyways, it's been such a tough year. I hope that getting back into art and photography will actually take me somewhere this year. I'll try to fight harder and work on everything once I get back from AX. I'm also going to start trying to make more pieces to wear and sell. I have so much to show you guys. Although I don't have many followers, I do hope I can entertain you guys with my future posts. Hahah, Hope you're all having a great year.

Talk to y'all soon ;)



First off, I'd like to say sorry for the late post. I've been so busy with friends and other stuff that I haven't been able to post stuff. Tonight I decided to post some awesome pieces I found on Topman not too long ago and wanted to share what I was interested in.

Since Fall/Winter is coming I wanted to play around with new colors that I never ever wear. I looked for toned down colors that weren't crazy bright or considered primary. I want to change up my look and I think colors would be good to shop for because I can layer things and match small things here and there. 

What I found was totally opposite. I always tend to play it safe and I always fall in love with Black clothing and neutral colors in general. I will venture off into shopping for toned down colors soon, but next time I have cash, I want to get all these items below :3
I love these three items because they have a bit of edge to them. The first piece has a Jersey panel that I love. The sheerness from the jersey fabric is just a genius idea since sportswear is in at the moment. Also I like the mystery it gives as to how the rest of the body will look underneath the clothes. Sounds perverted but I think it's kinda hot (if you have an amazing body ... which I don't! lol).
The second piece is a hoodie with leather on the shoulders. I think every guy should have a black hoodie in their closet! This one just has a nice little touch to it and will probably catch peoples eyes from the shine of the leather. Little things like this can make an outfit look for fresh, trendy, and give you a bit of an edgy feel.
The third piece is a beautiful shirt by A Question Of. The print on the shirt is of a mirrored shark photo. I absolutely love this piece. I saw it first on Asos and then again on Topman. It's just beautiful and I want to wear it now! It's quite expensive for me tho. But when I get the chance I'm going to snatch it up because it's just amazing. I love where the black and whites fall throughout the shirt. I WANT IT NOW!!!
The fourth piece is by one of my favorite brands, Horace. I love their shirts because they always have a unique artsy feel to them. Their brand is so great at creating such amazing prints. I particularly like this piece because the bleached print looks like so many things; clouds, smoke, paint, etc. I love shirts that have an artist feel to it, and this one takes the cake. I'm so sad because it's not on the website anymore :( I can only hope that when I go to Vegas the shirt will be there! 

Okay so I also found two other items that I liked that weren't just black/white. Haha. But they weren't the colors that I was suppose to look for but I had to share them cause I love them just as much as those last two pieces.

This fifth piece is cosmic printed shirt that I absolutely adore because it will probably go perfect with my lavender hair when I dye it. I've always loved cosmic prints because of brands like BlackMilk, Fleamadonna,  and Christopher Kane. I just like how I can wear this with different colored bottoms and how amazing it'll look in person. I want this piece so bad too :3 Why must I be broke before my Vegas trip!? Haha
The sixth piece is one that I was eyeing before all the other pieces and I like most of the items I liked, it's because of the print. The shirt has dogs barking and just reminds me of winter snow and Christmas. I love this shirt and still watch it because they are getting sold out in other sizes. I originally looked for a white, cream, tan shirt that would pair well with white pants and have a dressy feel to it because my friend wanted to wear all white for the day of his birthday in Vegas. I thought it would look cool if all of us played with that idea and wore some sort of white or light color so we would look like one group ... and not get lost ahaha. But his mind changed and I still wanted the shirt regardless. So, I'll be buying this shirt soon too. 

I hope you guys also liked the tops I chose and want to get. There are so many more piece that were just added to the website and I have a few more favorites but maybe I'll make another post later. If you'd like to see more of what I like, leave a comment and let me know so I can make more posts like this :) 



This week was a pretty awesome week. It went by so fast cause I've been keeping busy with a few things. Earlier this week I got my hair bleached by the wonderful Sixx Venezuela from Rejuvenations Day Spa and Salon. She came over to my place and helped me out with bleaching my hair to platinum. We did this all in one day and so I have one more session to go through to be full platinum. I'm still surprised at how well my hair took the bleach, it doesn't feel crazy damaged or super fried. I'm going to go lavender later this month. Below is a picture of me after I bleached my hair.

So the day after I received these Circle Lenses I ordered from Yesstyle.com and I was so happy with them. The look so bug eye and huge that it sorta creeps me out but in a fun way. They were only $24 for two with a lens case and free shipping!!! Holla. I ordered the color, Super Angel Brown in my prescription and hallelujah my eyesight was perfect when I put them on :D Above on the right is how my lenses look on me.

Above is the package and inside was bubblewrap, two contacts, contact case, instructions, and my order printed out. 

I'm happy with both my hair and contact lenses. I wanted a change and I think starting with a new look will be good for me. I'm excited to see how many more changes I'll be able to do before the end of the year ;) I might make a video review on the contact lenses. I just watched a few of my takes and I feel like I look horrible but maybe I'll just post it anyways. 


【 SEAN ALEXANDER 】 Avenue 52

Since today is #Flashbackfriday. I decided to do a flash back shoot that I haven't posted on here. Only a few photos were released from this shoot so I'm only going to tease y'all with two photos of the one and only Sean Alexander of Avenue 52. I had the pleasure of working with him earlier this summer with a few awesome people from Revived. I was contacted by the awesome designer, Song Vue (who I've shot photos for last year) about a shoot of a good friend of hers that was in the music industry. So of course I was totally excited and stoked after I did my research. Also joining us on this shoot were Sendy Hue, Gao Vang, and Song's sisters Chua and Houa. I also got to meet Mimi Alvarez who is such a sweet soul. If all goes well we will all work together in the future again. 

Sean is a songwriter/producer and also a member of Avenue 52. He's written and produced hits for Shinee, Rainbow, TaeTiSeo, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joon, and recently Nu'Est. Before the actual day of the shoot I got to meet and talk to Sean. I found him very humble and we had a similar taste in music which was awesome. It was such a pleasure meeting him and photographing him. I will post more photos when they are released.

Below is the full list of Credits and also his Tumblr page. 

Sean's Official Website/Tumblr

Bebe O’s

Vam Moua (Muaj Tiag Clothing™)

Concept and Stylist: Song Vue (dearSong)

Makeup Artist: Houa Vang

Hair Stylist: Sendy Heu (Sendy’s House of Hair and Makeup)

Wardrobe Assistant: Gao Vang

Photographer: Jeremy Chaimontree (Jem Chaimontree Photography)



Two days ago I was bored out of my mind and told myself to get up and do something fun and creative! So I  remembered that I wanted to recreate a Lazy Oaf baseball tee that I saw on ASOS. I was too late to purchase the shirt in my size so I decided that maybe it would be best to make my own for fun. There are so many tutorials online about how to create your own screen print tee. I've done a few shirts for birthday gifts and for fun in the past, so I already knew the steps. 

First, I drew the Lazy Oaf eyes that were printed on the baseball tee sleeves. I drew it out on a 11x16 paper as if it were a print on a garment. After drawing it, I used an blade to cut out the print and turn the paper into a stencil. 

Next, I got my shirt and white Acrylic paint. It's pretty easy but I was really rushing it and made one sleeve really sloppy. Haha ... Anywho, next you position your paper over your fabric where you want the print to be. I used a sponge brush to paint over the stencil, but next time I might use a brush because it doesn't absorb as much paint into itself like how the sponge does. The whole process took about 2-3 hrs and drying time wasn't too long. I waited a day until I washed the shirt and now it feels soft where I painted. 

Below is my finished shirt, right after it was done drying and me wearing it. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. I'll try and make more stuff when I can. 



Yup that's right! I created a new tumblr a few days ago for my own personal likes and inspirations. My first tumblr will be for my art work and photography. This new tumblr will be mainly reblogs and self portraits. I might post sketches or something I photographed but it wont be sets of series. If you have one. please follow me! I'd love to see all your pages and follow you back :D



Had such a blast last night. I went out with my best friends Manraj, Linda, and my beautiful cousin Leda. We went to Club Legends as usual but we haven't been there since forever. This year has definitely been difficult for all our friends to go out. We had the usual amount of people that were suppose to go but it always ends up Me and Manraj with someone else so it was nice having both Linda and Leda with us. 

To be honest I've been having a really rough year so far with everything so a night out like this was just a great release. I saw Anthony because he was out celebrating for his birthday and we danced and I got to meet a few of his friends. Then I ran into Kyle Ford which was just a surprise because last time I checked on his instagram he wasn't living in Fresno anymore. Haha so it was just great seeing him too. 

After we went to "Gay" Denny's and we were waiting in the entrance and this lady and her friend were playing the claw machine and going crazy with it. We decided to leave there because the wait was so long but before we walked out I touched the lady's shoulder and said I'll give her some of my Asian Luck so she can win everything she wanted. So she told me to follow her, so we all did and she opened her trunk of all her wins and she gave all four of us stuffed animals and it just totally made our night! 

So obviously I had so much fun, we ended out right with tacos at Robertitos and then chilling in my room so Linda and Manraj could sober up. Hehe. I need more nights and overall days like this :D
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